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I understand the Government has voted to bring forward legislation that will have the effect of including caste within the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010. As a member of the British Hindu Family I am deeply concerned at this as I believe this may have an extremely negative impact on communities living within the UK - not only Hindu but others also.
I think "caste" is really difficult to define. There are thousands of castes, sub-castes, clans, tribes and other sub-groups in India, protected by several pieces of legislation, including Articles 16, 23, 24, 44 of the Indian Constitution, and the Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989, the Backward Classes Act 1993 and others. Yet, all of this legislation has led to an entrenchment of caste-based discrimination and has not alleviated it.
The research the government has relied upon to evidence caste discrimination in this country was biased and unrepresentative. The NIESR research only evidenced 32 cases, all of which were unverified in that the victim’s account was used without further investigation. Forming legislation based on so few untested cases is not wise.
Further research urgently needs to be carried out which is independent, robust and large scale. Caste-based discrimination may exist in the UK - and where it does it is heart-breaking - but I, and many other Hindus, think that many politicians and the pro-legislation campaign have unjustly branded this as a "Hindu problem". This itself is discriminatory, unfair and unacceptable for the Hindu community and totally without any evidence.
Please work together with the Hindu community to make sure that our concerns have been answered and we do not continue to feel like politicians are acting against our interests. This is best done throughengaging with us in proper research grassroots consultation and a proper time period for consultation must be permitted of between 1 and 2 years. I am happy to support this petition and my details are attached.

This is the most important issue to have affected the British Hindu Community in the last thirty years so please support EDM 117 and give us Hindus a chance to have our voice heard. I look forward to hearing from you by email regarding this issue.

Full Caste Consultation for Hindus

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