URGENT - EDM 117 Update

5th June EDM Update

Dear Hindu brothers and sisters as the campaign starts to move forward and our activities become noticed, its important that we continue to establish that there is a genuine grass roots Hindu voice which is willing to defend its rights.


At this moment our EDM which simply asks for the Hindu community to be given a chance to participate in a consultation process is being challenged by counter EDM's and amended EDM's and the possibility of further political manoeuvering against our rights is very likely.


We need to generate more support for Early Day Motion 117, calling for a full consultation period before deeply flawed Caste legislation is introduced.   Below is a template letter you can send to your own MP to ask for their support. This must be the MP for the constituency in which you live. You could also call them or approach them informally if you know them.  


 We are supplying with this letter a database of key MPs with their contact details. Where your MP has a Twitter account you may also wish to Tweet them about this issue so that their response is in the public domain. 

 Thank you
Alliance of Hindu Organisations 
EDM Template - just print off and send to your MP
Key MP's Database - Contact details - Let your MP's know that you want them to support EDM 117
( not 117A! which has been introduced by the same Liberal Democrats who forced the Amendment through in the first place - mnore information about this coming soon)

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